The most wonderful time of the year?
This time of year is a really interesting one in the UK. As a nation whose head of state is also the Supreme Governor of a Christian denomination - the Church of England - there really is no escaping this originally solely religious observance as anything other than a national holiday and as such it […]
Self-care and what it might look like
The long school summer holiday is drawing to a close and as usual I feel like we’ve wasted a lot of it. When I was a teacher I lived for the 6 week holiday. With a husband also working in education, and school-age children, it has always been a time for us to spend quality […]
Grief and Bereavement
This is a topic I’ve wanted to write about for some time but it’s also one that hurts me most to ponder so I’ve been putting it off. A recent family holiday visiting the magnificent beaches of the Northumberland coastline got me thinking about something I’d started writing following my mum’s death in 2020 and […]

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