Seeing the bigger picture
In counselling, clients often make discoveries about themselves and their situations which feel to them like they should have been obvious and they berate themselves for not seeing it sooner. Sometimes the problem is perspective. I often talk to clients about putting your hand just a centimetre away from the tip of your nose and […]
The most wonderful time of the year?
This time of year is a really interesting one in the UK. As a nation whose head of state is also the Supreme Governor of a Christian denomination - the Church of England - there really is no escaping this originally solely religious observance as anything other than a national holiday and as such it […]
Self-care and what it might look like
The long school summer holiday is drawing to a close and as usual I feel like we’ve wasted a lot of it. When I was a teacher I lived for the 6 week holiday. With a husband also working in education, and school-age children, it has always been a time for us to spend quality […]

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